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We have partnered with TorGuard to provide our clients piece of mind when surfing away from their office or on open WiFi.

How can TorGuard VPN Service Protect You?

In today’s data driven world, your personal privacy can become vulnerable on the very devices we go about our daily routine on – Smartphones, Laptops, Desktops and Tablets. Information like personal emails, banking, private communications and personal secrets can all become jeopardized by hackers or other organizations. It is extremely important to patch these security holes and ensure you are connected through a secure and encrypted VPN.


fingerprintProtect Your Personal IP Address
Your IP address is your digital fingerprint and personal identifier. With TorGuard, websites will only see the secure VPN IP address and not your private IP. Prevent websites and services from identifying you or your location from your personal IP address.

padlockUse Secure Encryption for all Web Sessions 
Be discreet when conducting persaonal business on the web. TorGuard VPN allows one to browse websites and conduct internet searches without giving away your personal identity or location. Your identity is no one else’s business but your own and TorGuard will help it stay this way.

Snotebooktay Private from any Location, on any Device
VPN security follows you on any device. Easily setup the VPN tunnel on any smartphone, Tablet, Desktop, or WiFi router with simple setup solutions and applications. Keep your data private on the go when on the go in any country around the world.

stealthBypass Firewall Blocks with Stealth VPN
Traveling can often take one abroad to countries where Internet access is heavily regulated or blocked. TorGuard can efficiently tunnel through even the strictest firewalls in countries like China or Iran with Stealth SSTP and OpenVPN services.

securemailProtect Private E-mail Messages
Prevent unauthorized parties from intercepting your personal and private emails or instant messaging conversations. Keep your personal communication out of the spotlight with private VPN encryption.


cctvBig Brother may be Watching Your Data
Stop snooping governments and network owners from controlling or sniffing your personal or business online activities. TorGuard’s secure VPN network allows you to tunnel through censorship and bypass web blocks from any network around the globe.

talkSecure all Private Communications
Anonymous VPN services add a secure layer of protection to guard even the most sensitive personal communications. Secure your private communications and prevent important info like billing info, passwords, and personal financials from leaking into the wrong hands.

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