Free WiFi

freewifiDid you know that most places that have public free WiFi leave their business unprotected? If you have free WiFi for your customers make sure you have protected yourself and your business by properly separating your business network from your “public” network. Would you like it if someone in your bar or campground was able to see your business’s Quickbooks? (True story…we have seen this)

We can provide the industry’s most cost effective solutions to protect your business and your customers alike all while providing the best user experience. Our solutions effectively firewall your “public” free network from you business network all on the same hardware. We even include per user speed limits to make sure everyone only uses their fair share of bandwidth. With Access Points starting at $100 you cannot afford to continue unprotected.


We can provide complete WiFi solutions from a single access point in a bar, to 100’s to cover a large hotel or resort. We are you go to source for WiFi at bars, restaurants, hotels, campgrounds, apartments, offices, or even temporary events.

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