Cloud Solutions

Cloud Website Hosting

CDN-iconWhether you’re a small business out of your home or a Fortune 500 company, having a reliable web host is key to have customers find you. Let us host your website on our high performance SSD web servers located locally in a Midwest data center. With Solid State Drives (SSD) our servers perform up to 10x faster than traditional hard drive based machines. We can also provide your website with increased speed and security by automatically caching your site on the worldwide CloudFlare Content Delivery Network. This ensures your site loads fast by connecting your site’s visitors to a server near them, and balancing the load among many servers.

Uptime Report for Cloud Web Hosting: Last 30 days

Cloud Email

exchange-iconEmail is the lifeblood of business communication, let us host your email in the cloud providing piece of mind your email is going to be there when you need it. From basic email accounts to cloud hosted Exchange with calendars, contacts and tasks. We can help guide your business to the right solution for your needs and budget. Take your business into the cloud with Microsoft Office365!


Cloud SPAM Filtering

span-iconOur Cloud SPAM Filtering system provides comprehensive protection email born viruses and junk. Our system by Barracuda Networks is the industry leading standard in SPAM filtering. This is the same system used by Fortune 500 companies like Boeing & FedEx and is the choice of  the US Department of Defense. We also include Email Backup Protection that if your email server goes down, the system will hold your messages for 36 hours, then deliverin your emails when your email server is back online. All of this can be setup in minutes at an affordable small business price. Get more information at

Cloud Backup

cloud-backupWith businesses relying on technology more and more, a reliable backup plan is a must. Businesses today have files, email, databases, and every other type of data that needs to be protected. Wouldn’t it be nice to know all that data is safely backed up in case the “unthinkable” happens or just that simple spill of coffee on the laptop? Our easy to use cloud backup system protects it all, from desktops & laptops to email and database servers.



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