Cloud Solutions

Welcome to the cloud!

Cloud Web Hosting

Our high performance SSD web servers located centrally in the Midwest feature Solid State Drives (SSD) performing up to 10x faster than traditional hard drive based machines. We can also provide your website with increased speed and security by automatically caching your site on the worldwide CloudFlare Content Delivery Network.

Cloud Email & Apps

Email is the lifeblood of business communication, host your email in the cloud providing piece of mind. From basic email accounts to Office365 or Google GSuite with calendars, contacts, tasks and other business apps. We can help guide your business to the right solution for your needs and budget.

Cloud Infrastructure

From a single development server to a complex cloud infrastructure, our cloud servers, firewalls and private VLAN's offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness for computing power at any level. Our cloud infrastructure is distributed across multiple data centers located in Chicago, Miami, New York, Santa Clara, and Dallas. Launch a server today!

Cloud Backup

Businesses today have files, email, databases, and every other type of data that needs to be protected. Wouldn’t it be nice to know all that data is safely backed up in case the “unthinkable” happens or just that simple spill of coffee on the laptop? We protect it all, from desktops & laptops to email and database servers.

Cloud Networks

Powerful cloud managed networks offering scalable, modular hardware, and affordable cost. Routers, security appliances, WiFi and switches by leading industry providers like Cisco Meraki, Ubiquiti, Firewalla and Netgear.

Cloud Phone

We install and manage VoIP Phone Systems to keep your companies lines of communication open. The latest in voice communications, VoIP systems eliminate many of the traditional problems associated with older PBX based systems. Save money by using more cost effective technology.

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